Before FofHCS

The Friends of Heaton Chapel Station was created to improve the aesthetics of the buildings, platforms, and approaches. Here are a few photos from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The larger improvements (eg. new shelters, repairing the roof) must be done by network rail or Northern, however without lobbying and gentle pressure we would be just another station on their list.

Simpler improvements (eg gardening, painting, and artwork) can be done, after gaining permission, by the Friends of Heaton Chapel.

We wanted to show some of the photos of how the station looked in the past, to show how far we have come.

Dark unattractive area adjacent to the ramp to platform 2 under Heaton Moor Road bridge
Smelly Bins were kept inside the ticket office

Blocked gulleys on both platforms; in heavy rain, these flood and created lagoons on the platforms.
Pigeons are a serious problem on ramp 2 under the bridge. The handrail is usually covered in guano as several dozen pigeons roost on the bridge girders above.
Attempts to rid them using spikes have failed