Disabled Access (lack of)

There are no disabled access facilities at this very busy station. The ramps are dangerous, extremely long, steep and straight, without landings; there are no lifts.

There are 42 steps down to each of the platforms.

If you are disabled and wish to travel from Heaton Chapel Chapel Station, here is Northern Rail’s assistance advice.

Northern Rail – Travel assistanceRail services are now far more accessible than they were in the past and many disabled people are able to use the rail network without assistance.

We will always do our best to help disabled passengers that need assistance, but if you need help when travelling by rail, it is best to book assistance in advance so that we can ensure that any help you may need is provided.

In particular, we would recommend that you book assistance if you:
•    Have a mobility or other disability that means you find getting on and off trains difficult;
•    Are a wheelchair user (on most services you will need to use a boarding ramp and, on some services reserve a wheelchair space on the train service you wish to use);
•    Are a mobility scooter user (there are restrictions on different train operators which need to be checked, a boarding ramp will be required and possibly a reservation for the space onboard).
•    Have a sight impairment and need guiding around a station or help boarding and alighting from your train;
•    Have difficulty walking long distances – at some stations we can provide a station wheelchair or, at some larger stations, access to an electric buggy.

We recommend that you book help 24 hours before you travel. This enables us to: give you as much information as possible before your travel; make alternative arrangements for you if the station is not step free or not staffed at the time you wish to travel; and ensure that there are enough staff for all the assistance requests at a station. Overall, this allows us to provide you with the best possible assistance on the day.

For access information, ring Northern Rail on 08456 008 008.

A Disabled Persons Railcard costs £20 a year and entitles you and a travelling companion to a 33% discount on most rail fares.