2014 – To Platform 1 3/4 – ACoRP Winner

On 2nd October 2014, FofHCS were again ACoRP winners at the annual Awards Ceremony this year at Scarborough Spa. There were seven nominations and we won a Third Award :

A'timetunnel' back to Victorian times, accessed via 'Platform 1¾', was discovered  by the 'Friends' in June 2014.

This portal is accessed on the half-landing stairs down to platform 2 [to Manchester] when the booking office is open.

Some 'Friends' are actually wizards, earning wands issued by our magic Northern [Hogwarts] Rail TOC.

HTC is a magic station, and the Hogwarts Express, recently boarded  by the Queen on 

Platform 1¾ en route to Hogsmeade station in Scotland, can be heard passing through Royal Heaton Chapel Station on the video.

Here is a short video of the 'Friends' discovering it :


https://gallery.mailchimp.com/022070f554c80046b4597d389/files/CRA_2014_W... - this is the ACoRP Winners booklet with photos.

Northern Rail's website also covers HTC winning our annual ACoRP award :