Defibrillation Machine Fitted

The Friends of Heaton Chapel Station have raised funds to purchase and arranged to have fitted a Defibrillator to the station building. This is for anyone to use if you suspect someone is having a cardiac arrest.

If someone suddenly collapses and is unconscious then you should ring 999 immediately. then either get them to the machine, or go and pick the machine up. You need a code to open the box the 999 operator will tell you what this is. The Defibrillator is easy to use, and can be used without any training, it ‘talks’ you through each step of using it.

However if you wish to familiarise yourself with the procedure there is a handy youtube video here:

Please note that every time the defibrillator is used, the pads need to be replaced and cost £60, if you know someone, or a business who would like to help towards these costs then please contact

. .

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