Passenger Statistics 2016

[ORR data]

Heaton Chapel station [HTC] is the busiest station in the whole of Greater Manchester with 837,226 paying passengers in 2016/7, up 10.6% on 2015/6, and  still without disabled access. When passengers using travel and bus passes are included, this usage will probably be not far off 1,000,000 passengers per annum. 

11 other much less busy local stations all in north Manchester are already being considered for an accessibility updgrade. Probably three will be upgraded by 2019.

The ‘Friends’ have strenuously campaigned to have HTC included on this list, but sadly to no avail currently.

In reality, 2020 will be the very earliest before HTC can be even proposed for consideration for an upgrade.

HTC needs one new lift down to platform 2 and a new legal ramp down to platform 1. 

This data is published on the Office of Rail Regulator Station usage 2012/3 website.

                                paying passengers                           % of HTC

Heaton Chapel                654,224                                       [100%]

Blackrod                          573,982                                         87.7%

Hindley                            365,912                                        55.9%

Walkden                           322,590                                        49.9%

Daisy Hill                         279,782                                        42.8%

Appley Bridge                  241,314                                        36.9%

Irlam                                240,440                                        36.8% 

Newton for Hyde             186,504                                         26.5%

Broadbottom                   149,250                                         22.8%

Swindon                          138,058                                         21.1%

Hyde                                 69,502                                          10.6%

Hazel Grove [624,564] and Marple [437,926] in LibDem wards have already been upgraded, even though these two Stockport stations both have a lower footfall.